Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure


For this week’s art experience, we had to choose from cuisine, couture, or coiffure. I decided to do something related to cuisine because I am more of the food type of person. Honestly, I had no idea what couture and coiffure meant until it was explained. I am glad that I chose cuisine because I had a fun time creating something that I believe other people would enjoy to see and taste.

I decided to try and make apple roses! I came across this online and thought it was a really good idea. Since Valentine’s Day was just a weekend before, I thought about all the flowers I have seen on the streets and wondered about those who are allergic to flowers. Does that mean they only get chocolates, stuffed animals, or balloons? Or what about those who have no interest in flowers? I thought about what people would think about these apple roses and believed that they were great gift ideas for Valentines Day since they could be made with a lot of love from the person. It may look like just a simple rose made from apples, however the effort that is out into it makes it even more special.

This cuisine required only a few ingredients: Pastry sheets, apricot preserve, sugar, cinnamon and most importantly, the apples.  The process took a while, however I really enjoyed it. First, I cut the apples into thin slices and as you can see I was cutting them very happily. Then, I had to roll out the pastry sheets and spread the apricot preserves on top. Next, I placed the apple pieces on top and rolled them. Finally, I placed the roses into a baking pan with cups and placed it into the oven at 350 degrees. After about 40-45 minutes, I took the tray out and let them cool.


I decided to present the apple roses to my roommate. I placed each one in an individual baking cup and placed them on the table for her. She wasn’t home while I was preparing this so when she got home she was a bit surprised. I would definitely make these again because I really had a great time making them.


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