Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s art experience is called “photowalk.” At first I thought it had to do with modeling and taking pictures, but I was wrong. It was an activity where we had to choose a leader to follow around on campus and take pictures. Not just any pictures, but pictures considering photographic elements! I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but I never knew how to take eye-catching ones. This experience helped me realize how important it is to pay attention to photographic elements to capture the beauty of the image.

My guide’s name is Joshua Hyun. I decided to follow him on this photo walk because I was interested in going to the Japanese Garden and seeing the influence on Asian culture here at our school. Other than stopping by at the Japanese Garden, we made some stops along the way. We saw the statue of Prospector Pete, the Carlson Bloc Bell Tower, the “Now” Sculptor and the Water Fountain by Brotman Hall. Although it was very sunny and hot, I enjoyed this experience because I had fun looking at some amazing views that our school has to offer. I never really took a bit of my time to realize the beauty here at our school that is right in front of me. However, this week I was able to look at them and also take pictures! Along with some fun in photography, I learned new things about our school with this week’s art experience.

While I was taking my pictures, I thought a lot before I captured the shots. I thought about the lightening, the position I was in with the camera, and also about how I can show its true beauty. For the pictures below, I used the focus feature to make the pictures more clear and the zoom feature to show the importance of the thing that I am capturing. It was kind of difficult to avoid the background because it was not something under my control when students were walking around and I had to take pictures. However, I learned about time because it was important in taking photos. You can’t rush through them to get the best quality, but to take a bunch of snapshots and choose the one you are most satisfied with. Throughout my time at the garden, I was looking for photos with good lighting and pictures that showed patterns and lines. I was able to show patterns on one of the pebble pictures below. I realized that I should have taken it by itself without the background because the image would then be the focus. This other picture below looks interesting to me because there are swirl patterns around and just one piece of rock in the middle. I took this picture because I wanted to see how a pattern break can show the importance of the rock in the middle. Overall, I had a fun time trying out different elements throughout my time taking photos.


These are a few pictures I took on lower and upper campus:


Here are some pictures from the Japanese Garden:


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