Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

For this week’s art experience, I did it with Nancy Tran. I found the whole process to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The difficult part in this week’s activity was deciding what to do and actually coming up with the script. Other than that, I had a fantastic time. I have always hated acting, but this video project made me reconsider my thoughts about it. All I remember doing is laughing so hard to the point where I was on the floor crying. I was filled with laughter and tears of joy throughout almost the whole time we were filming.

Here are some captures of my happy moments:

This is the link to our video: https://vimeo.com/157739387

It took my roommate and I two days to decide what we wanted to do for our project. We  decided to do a project with us two because we found that it is more convenient. At first we were going to do a cover of a song, but we never ended up choosing a song. Then my roommate suggested doing a dance, however I immediately declined because I’m not the dancing kind of person. Finally, we decided to do something about friendship. I thought it was a good idea because we have been best friends for over seven years and doing a video about our friendship will be strong. However, we realized that it wouldn’t be interesting for others to watch a video about just our friendship, but maybe doing something where our audience can laugh.

That’s when we decided to make a video about “Types of Friendships.” We saw a few examples online and thought they were pretty good. We only chose five different types because we didn’t want it to be really long, however it would have been great if we did a couple more. Using our friend relationship, we thought about some other types of friends people could have and came up with ideas like- an overprotective friend, a lazy friend, a friend who takes picture of everything, procrastinator, and a borrower. I really enjoyed the procrastinator friend because the scene we chose had to do with a friend procrastinating when she should have gotten ready to meet her best friend. I believe that this actually happens to a lot of people and actually filming that scene was hilarious.

I would love to do this again, however the next time I wish there would be more time. I wouldn’t do anything differently because I was really happy doing this activity. The idea, process, script, and filming wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my sister who had been at home that day. Overall, the three of us were able to share tons of laughter and happiness.

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