Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

I got to try another new experience this week! I didn’t know people actually did automatic drawing. At first I thought it was weird because the assignment required us to sit in front of someone with our knees touching. Then I thought it’ll probably be fun to experience something new. I am glad that I got to try it because I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t an assignment. Overall, I enjoyed the relaxing time after all the laughs.

I decided to do this week’s art experience with my roommate again. We started off with a pencil and after 10 minutes with our eyes closed, we didn’t really get anywhere. We thought we were doing the assignment wrong because the pencil didn’t really move. The marks were so light that we had to use markers instead. After we decided to use markers, I felt that the markers moved much better and freely. In the beginning, I didn’t like how it was too quiet so I was whispering. Then,  we were quiet and serious for a while until we started to peek at our drawings. That was when we kept laughing and talking to each other. In the end, we realized that there isn’t a right or wrong to this. Instead, we learn to make the art through experiences and most importantly have our own interpretation of the artwork that we create.

The hardest thing about this experience was keeping my eyes shut. I kept opening them and peeking at the artwork. I think that has an influence on the artwork because after you open your eyes, the pencil will go where you want. When your eyes are closed, the pencil can actually move freely. The next time I do this, I would probably play some nice music because I didn’t like how it was quiet.


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