Greetings friend! My name is Geoffrey the giraffe. It has been 30 years since my arrival on Moonbase Alpha. Although it may seem long ago, I remember every detail of that day as if it was a memory of last night’s dinner. I was a young and curious lad during that time with not much in my mind.

Well the story begins with me walking through the African Savannah searching for food. I am not much of a hunter, but more of a scavenger. Long story short, I came into contact with a creature with grotesque teeth that was as sharp as knives. It was not a beautiful sight, the monster had one eye, but it was a very keen and strong eye. Despite its look, I cannot imagine anything on Moonbase Alpha that can match the stench of the beast. The creature moved very slow, but at a constant speed. It approached me with determination, but my long legs helped me run faster than Mr. Smelly. Eventually I had reached my physical limit. My legs gave out and I rolled along the coast when I stumbled upon salt water. There, I met a beautiful young girl named Ariel. We converse swiftly because of the current situation. I had to warn her of Mr. Smelly, however, I barely had the chance to finish my message. Ariel, without any hesitations jumped onto my back. I headed the opposite direction to avoid Mr. Smelly, but that was when I saw a sparkling red glow from afar. I was curious to see what it was, so I ran faster. The next thing I knew, I appeared on a mysterious land. Overtime, I gained my memory back with the addition of a new ability. I obtained the ability of elasticity.

Things were different on Moonbase Alpha compared to Earth; everyone had abilities on this land. I was curious about these abilities so it made me determined to find the reason for this change. Through 20 years of my research, I have finally found the answer. Although in theory, I have concluded that our abilities developed from our weaknesses. That is why I possess the power of elasticity. Being elastic diminish my struggle of not being able to reach the ground because of my neck and height. Mother Nature moves at a faster rate in Moonbase Alpha compared to Earth. We grow at an exponential rate, which explains why we developed these abilities. Growing is necessary, it is meant for us to combat obstacles in life. Despite the fact that I had struggled, I am happy that everything happened the way it did. I’ve been a bigger contribution to this society than on earth. That is why I am continuing my research to discover if we are able to change abilities.


Meet some of my friends:

Ariel: One beautiful, young lady who I met by the sea. She is quite shy, but she is a friend who is willing to make life as adventurous as it can be.

Eugene Fitzherbert:  He may look scary at first, but you’ll realize how friendly he actually is. After meeting Eugene on Moonbase Alpha, he has taught be about loyalty and the true meaning of friendship. Check him out and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Jinbae: A courageous guy I have ever seen. He’ll protect you against anything that can harm you and accompany you when you are afraid.


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