Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

For this week’s art experience, I got to explore something different. Instead of being at the art gallery, we had a different kind of activity led by Marta Troya.  I knew this experience was going to be exciting after I got to hear a lecture from her on Tuesday. I really admire her courage to explore a whole different way of living. Despite the challenges she faced, she was able to be herself and enjoy new experiences. For instance, exploring India and Beijing at such a young age without any family members by her side and with a language barrier. I was very impressed with the artwork that she also created while living in a whole different place.

First, we went into the library and each got an oversized children’s book. Then, we all sat down at the waiting area on the first floor near the computers. There were rows of chairs lined up for people to sit on and wait for computers to use. I kept looking around at first because I felt really awkward how everyone who weren’t in our class were just staring at us. It also wasn’t a place for reading books and I felt like we were doing something against the rules. However, it was a class activity and all of my classmates participated. Throughout the whole time, I was a bit distracted. I kept looking at my classmates and my surrounding. I saw that we all pretty much did the same thing. At one point when half of the class stood up, the other side also stood up. Then when they sat down, the other side also sat down too. Towards the end when a couple of people started talking, the rest of us started to talk and it was pretty loud. We then all moved to the book store for some more fun. There, I was looking at clothes. There was a number of us looking at sweatshirts, baseball caps, and all of the other accessories. It was very different from when I would go on other days because on this day, there were so many workers just following us around. I felt like all of their eyes were on  us. Maybe because they felt like there were just too many of us at once. They didn’t say anything because I don’t think we did anything wrong, but I felt like we were on watch.

We didn’t take any pictures while in the library, but we were allowed to in the bookstore. There was a purpose behind that because we had to see if there were any differences. I actually did realize something. I found that not taking pictures was actually better because you don’t have to worry about getting the photographs. Instead, just watch and live through the experience. When you are required to take pictures, it isn’t necessarily the same experience because you have to focus on the camera and capture the photographs. I find that this brings in distance between the person taking the photos and the event that is being captured. Although you can look in the camera lens and see for yourself, it is not the same as looking at everything upfront.

I believe the best way to document an experience like Turning Pages is through writing. I think words and the style of writing can be used to express a short time experience like this.

Pictures can show an experience and words can express the experience, however,  I believe that living through the experience is much better than having words and photos do the work. Both photos and words are able to encapsulate the experience and the moment can be shared with others, but is it worth staring into a screen when you can watch everything live? I would prefer to cherish and capture the moment while living through the experience for a more vivid memory.

I do believe that the style of words and images take part in a captured experience because it is an effect that can change an outcome. Like explained, “a blurred photo is less precise but might capture more of the experience of motion of a dancer, musician, or other active event.” The blurred part may not look professional, but it has a style to the image that can bring the purpose to the audience. I find that adding style to images and words can actually make them more meaningful.





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