Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

This week’s art experience was pretty exciting! I never even knew geocaching had an entertaining app until I learned about it this week in class. There were two parts to this experience – finding a cache and placing one. The two experiences were both fun, but I think hiding the cache is more enjoyable for me. The experience reminded me of Easter when I would always love to hide the eggs and have the little kids search for them. Looking for the cache may sound easy  because the geocaching app gives you the coordinates and hints, however I don’t think it is at all. I started my search near the fine arts building  for the “immortal one” about thirty minutes before class with my friend and we were unable to find it. After class, we went back to search for it along with other classmates and my professor. We searched and searched, while the number of people in our group just kept decreasing. We finally gave up and decided to move to search for another geocache. There were only five of us including our professor. Good thing, I asked him if he could go with us and help out because he made it more fun and lively. The five of us then all walked together to the other side of campus. Our second search was near the fire hydrant. After a bit of searching, we moved on because the cache was no longer there. Then, we moved to the next one which was at the Beach Structure. This one belonged to my professor so we learned quickly that the cache was no longer there. We then all decided to take another trip and quickly went on to our last place, which was at the pyramid. Here, we searched and searched and still were unable to find the cache, however one of my classmates found a baby bird. Although we didn’t find any single cache at the four places we went to, I felt like I had an enjoyable experience. It was pretty disappointing after searching for so long.  I’m glad that our professor joined us because I think I would have given up much earlier. Although this time I didn’t find anything, I’m thinking of trying again some other day and hopefully I’ll find something.

Placing a cache was a much easier experience. Looking for a cache require a lot of work and search, but placing one is very easy. All you have to do is look for a place to hide it and write down the coordinates. I downloaded another GPS app for the coordinates called Easy GPS. It was pretty easy to use because the coordinates are there for you and all you have to do is record it. I decided to put mine at 37° 47.226′ N latitude and -118° 0.6821′ W longitude. At first I wasn’t sure where to hide my cache, but later decided to hide it here because I thought it was an interesting place. It may be pretty hard but I think if the searcher looks high and low carefully, it would be much easier.

Here is the picture of my cache and where it is.



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