WK 12 – Classmate Conversation – Sam Tan


For today’s classmate conversation, I met Sam Tan. Sam is currently a third year student majoring in Biology. He was interested in a career in the medical field, but is now currently exploring other options after his experience as an intern at St. Mary’s hospital. Sam is also interested in anime and would love to do work with animation on the side. During his recent spring break, he read an animation starting book. Sam also loves playing volleyball. He has been playing volleyball ever since high school and still does today. Some television series that he enjoys watching include Games of Throne, Walking Dead, and Lost. Sam loves donuts! He has had a variety of donuts from well known places. He would love to go to France one day and try their donuts. It was interesting to find out that he is also from Alhambra. Although we went to different high schools, it’s nice to know that he is familiar with the  place. Usually when I tell someone where I’m from, they would have no idea. Maybe that’s because it isn’t really a well known city and there isn’t much there, however it’s nice to meet someone from the same city. We talked a lot about the different restaurants we go to back at home.  Out of all of my classmate conversations so far,  this was my longest one. I am glad that I met Sam today because I find him easy to talk to.


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