Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

I found this week’s art experience to be pretty special. We had to make an art care package and send it to another person. Although it was very difficult trying to figure out what to send, I thought this was a good activity to share with another person. I like the idea of sending something that has a special meaning to you or the person receiving it. I have never sent a care package to someone, but have done something relatively similar. I use to make baskets filled with many items and gift them to people. For instance, I made a basket filled with snacks and some filled with household products. I always thought it was a good way to express your thoughts and feelings to someone because the whole process requires effort.

I found that sending someone an art care package is very different from sending a Snapchat. The pictures that are sent through technology and by mail does not bring the same emotions. The epherma don’t disappear after a mere 10 seconds like in Snapchat. Instead, you determine the time that it will be of importance to you. Although the time difference between these two may be big, I believe that sending an ACP is well worth it. Time does not have an influence when you want to express something to someone. I have always been excited to receive things through the mail other than bills that come on a monthly basis. Especially letters. Unfortunately, this generation is all about technology and we no longer send letters through the mail but instead via email and messages. It’s a bad thing but at the same time also a good thing. I, personally like receiving mails because I feel like it is sent directly to me and I get to open whatever it is that is sent to only me. Though the time that it takes to get to a destination is rather long, I feel that personally receiving soemthing gives it more meaning.

I think ephermas have significant value over time. Not only is it of great value to the person, but I feel like something of old age will hold more meaning. For instance, if you have something from the past that is no longer made, it would become unique when the availability of it decreases. I believe that they are very precious in many ways and people love to treasure things. People may feel that it is worthless. However, an epherma will not be treasured by every single person. It is only of great value to people who want it to be.

From what we learned from this week’s discussion on Tuesday, the word “art” has many meanings behind it and it is different to each and every individual. Therefore, the art packages that we create may be considered to be art to one person but not the other. Hopefully, the package that I send will be seen as a mix of art to the other person.

I put in a lot of thought while making my ACP. I decided to put together things that relate more to me because I don’t know much about the other person. Here are pictures of the art care package that I made:


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