Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Printmaking, Ink through Relief Printing
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: Artist does not have a website
Instagram: Artist does not have an instagram


For this week’s artist conversation, I met Nancy Young. She is currently working on her BFA in printmaking  and will soon graduate. This is her last show here at CSULB. Nancy studied graphic design years before right here at Long Beach, however was put on academic probation and had to unfortunately leave. It is great that she decided to come back and obtain her bachelors in printmaking because she is able to do something that she really likes. She feels that fine art helps her be creative and enhances her problem solving skills, therefore she continues to make art and exhibit them. Other than art, she also enjoys music and her dog.

Nancy’s work uses a variety of method of print. She described two important ones that she used for her art, intaglio and photopolymers. Unfortunately, I do not have the pictures of those artworks specifically. However, it was very interesting to touch and also feel. For the intaglio method, she explained the process in a very simple way for me to understand. She just allows the ink to sit on the block, then draws into the ground while exposing certain parts of the metal, and finally exposes it to acid. As for photopolymers, she explained it to be a digital type of printmaking. I found this one to be quite interesting. It’s a process where you start with photographs and expose them onto the plates and the good thing about this is that its not as toxic as the others.

Nancy explained that her artworks up to this point has been related to her dogs, grief and loss, and her husband, whom she lost nine years. They all deal with images in her mind. She believes that getting inspiration from the internet is not a good idea because other people may be inspired by those same things. Instead, she wants them to have a personal meaning. Nancy had the opportunity to check out workshops in many places, including Santa Ana, Irvine, San Pedro, and Santa Monica. She enjoys attending those workshops because she can get tips from other people. I thought that was pretty neat because it can be pretty helpful.

I really enjoyed Nancy’s exhibition. There were many amazing pieces that were displayed all over the room. She described her inspiration to be like a bookmark because she’s been in school for a while. In the beginning, she took a prints and drawing class and then decided to take a printmaking class. After taking one, she decided to try a few others and found her interest. She is grateful for this opportunity because she really enjoys doing what she does. Although I’m not an art major, this kind of reminds me of myself because I had a similar struggle. I am also grateful with where I am and would like to see myself do well.


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